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Tuscan Vine Suet Cage

Feeder - Model #2312

  • Holds one standard-sized suet cage
  • Latches securely at the bottom
  • Hanging hook included

Suet 'n Seed Penguin

Feeder - Model #21802

  • Ideal for feeding sunflower seeds or shelled peanuts
  • Holds 2 standard-sized suet cakes
  • Whimsical Penguin design
  • All-over mesh offers plenty of feeding area

Peanut Paradise Peanut Feeder

Feeder - Model #21603

  • Steel construction
  • Ideal for feeding with shelled peanuts or white striped sunflower seed

Bird Suet Cage

Feeder - Model #2316

  • Steel construction
  • Holds 1 standard-sized suet cake
  • Bird design

Gatehouse Suet-n-Seed Bird Feeder

Feeder - Model #655

  • Holds 3 pounds of mixed seed
  • Features 2 vinyl-coated suet cake holders
  • Weather and decay-resistant cedar construction
  • Durable attached hanging cable
  • Made in the USA

Feather Central Bird Feeder

Feeder - Model #21604

  • Metal and plastic construction
  • Offer 3 different types of feed
  • Drainage holes

Premium Woodpecker Stack'Ms Seed Cake - 7 oz

Food - Model #SC-52

  • 7-ounce seed cake
  • Made with a hole in the center to be used with the Heath Stack'Ms Feeder (S-6)
  • Mix and match Stack'Ms seed cakes to attract a variety of birds
  • Blended with black oil sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, and peanuts to attract woodpeckers

Grand Gazebo Bird Feeder

Feeder - Model #696

  • Large enough to hold up to 20 pounds of mixed seed—Fill your feeder less often
  • Six full sides of feeding access
  • Weather and decay-resistant cedar construction
  • Easy-fill removable top
  • Suitable for pole mounting
  • Made in the USA

Premium Woodpecker Seed Cake - 2 lb

Food - Model #SC-32

  • 2-pound seed cake
  • Blended to attract woodpeckers
  • Less messy than loose seed or suet
  • Long-lasting
  • Fits the Heath Large Suet & Seed Cake Feeder (S-3)