We have a full line of beekeeping products. Get your bee colony started today! Learn More

Bulk Suet & Seed Cakes

Keep your feathered friends looking their best all year round, and we have a wide variety of suet to choose from! Learn More
Smart Scoop Bird Feeder

Smart Scoop Bird Feeder

The Smart Scoop bird feeder is a seed scoop and feeder in one. Simply scoop, hang, and twist open the feeding ports. Learn More
Wren & Bluebird

Wren & Bluebird Houses

Featured at the National Hardware Show
Purple Martin Houses

Purple Martin Houses

We offer a full line of housing for Purple Martins. From easy to maintain gourds to heavy duty aluminum houses, there’s something for every level of Purple Martin landlord. Browse Houses
The Infinity Feeder

The Infinity Feeder

This patented concept from Heath combines the large seed capacity of a traditional hopper feeder with the full, open view of a platform feeder. Birds feel safer and stay longer. Learn More

High energy for feathered friends.

Having pioneered the suet cake in 1958, we boast an extensive selection of high-quality suet cakes for wild birds. In addition, we offer a full line of seed cakes and hummingbird nectar. Looking for something even more convenient? Try a finch sock pre-filled with Nyjer® seed.

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Bird Food Categories

Attract a variety of visitors.

True birders know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to bird feeders. We offer a range of capacities and styles to accommodate different bird feeding wants and needs. We’re constantly working to bring new and innovative bird feeder concepts to the market, such as the patented Infinity Feeder.

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Provide convenient shelter for nesting.

Our classic-style wood bird houses are weather-resistant and easy to clean. To maintain a healthy environment for birds, be sure to clean out your bird house after each nesting brood has fledged. 

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Be prepared for their arrival.

Our tried and true deluxe aluminum Purple Martin houses are extremely durable and ideal for keeping the inside temperature cool. Choose the house that’s right for you, then consider pairing it with a set of Purple Martin gourds for an even more inviting destination.

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Keep birding fun.

Our selection of accessories will help you steer clear of common bird feeding woes. These can include squirrels at your bird feeder, ants in your hummingbird nectar, or trying to fill a bird feeder without spilling seed, to name a few.

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Education Center

Types of Bird Feeders

Choose a bird feeder that will best suit your lifestyle and budget, as well as accommodate your desired visitors. Pay attention to migration maps to know the key months for feeding in your area.

Types of Bird Food

We offer a variety of wild bird food, such as suet cakes, hummingbird nectar, and more. The food you choose will often dictate the species of birds visiting your bird feeder.